Mobile, On Site Production

In time we are introduced with projects with a very big disadvantage of transportation costs due to diffuculties in accessing the site area or the distance resulting very high freight charges.

To overcome this issue we studied the example applications, and considering what the contractors requires, we focused on and invested on the concept;  Mobile Production whose also called On-site production. 

Through  this concept method of production we mobilised some of our producton lines, managed in re-constructing those units as transferable, movable and re-installable.

At the moment we have the capability of transporting some of our production lines to the site area  directly and making production on –site, supplying the pipes directly to the contractor, saving high freight costs, saving time.

Keep your schedule for your project, do not delay them,

Save from high transport costs,

Get what you instantly need, welcome flexibility,

Own your private pipe your production plant on your site,